05 July 2006

How Embarrassing!

On Sunday, our church's College & Career group was going to have a fellowship at Pastor's house after the evening service. When the service was over, Dad called me aside and asked if Jared and I could drop the younger kids off at home before we went to the fellowship because he had to have an emergency meeting. (Dad is one of our church's elders.) Our house is about 20 minutes south of the church. Pastor's house is about 15 minutes north of the church. So, dropping them off was not on the way. I was pretty upset. No, I was mad. I agreed to take them, but I gave the kids a hard time and snapped at them all the way home. About the time we pulled into the driveway, the Lord finally got through to me and I did confess my anger and apologize to the kids. Then, Jared said that he was going to run in and change, so I thought I would, too. I walked in the door and "Surprise!" the College & Career group was at my house for a surprise birthday party for me. (My birthday was Saturday.) So, I felt like a complete and total idiot for having gotten so upset at Dad and my brothers and sisters. But, it was a fun party, and they definitely got me!

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