15 August 2006

Indians Sweep Royals

I got to go to Jacob's Field for the first time. Back when the Indians were doing well, you had to buy tickets way in advance or they were all sold out. Then, after tickets started being available, I was always busy. Last year my family could not find a home game to which all of us had free time to go. Crazy schedules!

Anyway, Anthony (2nd from left) knows a guy with season tickets 20 rows up behind home plate. They were great seats. And the Indians won 13-0! It was an exciting game, especially in the first inning when we scored 11 runs! (Side note: why do we use second person when describing our favorite sports teams? Are we secretly living a fantasy in which we are a part of the team? Or are we just taking credit for their win? Hmm.) It was definitely a good game (and good seats) to choose as my first visit to Jacob's Field!


Christine said...

Hmmm... you could rub this one in to Marissa. She might be bitter that "you" beat "them."

Anonymous said...

Awesome seats!! on our honeymoon we had great seats close to that and Dan caught a foul ball! It was awesome.
Jessica Borling

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I thought I had posted a comment about this...ah well. It was so much fun! I'm spoiled though: I definitely prefer these seats now. Before we started getting this seats, I didn't care.
Rachel..the other one.