23 September 2006

I Don't Understand

My job is very repetitive. Closing on a Friday night is just like closing on every other Friday night throughout the year. Every once in a while there's an exceptionally busy night, but otherwise, we know what to expect. So, I don't understand why managers and employees get so upset when things happen. Shouldn't we expect by now that we will be insanely busy between 6 and 8? Shouldn't we expect people to come through the drive-through and have no idea what they want and sit there for five minutes trying to decide while the line backs up around the building behind them? Shouldn't we expect people to show up at 10:30 and order massive amounts of food just when we're trying to get everything closed down? Shouldn't we expect to have to do the same cleaning jobs that we do every night? Why then does everyone have to grump and yell and swear when these expected things happen? It doesn't change the situation, it just makes everyone have a worse night. These expected things don't upset me as much as they do everyone else, although it's hard to keep a good attitude when everyone around you is ticked. Actually, I do understand why I can stay joyful and why they all act this way. They don't have the peace of God guarding their hearts and minds. He definitely makes all the difference.

Enough venting. On a lighter note, my PDA is at the UPS facility in the next town over. However, they don't deliver on Saturdays, so I'll have to wait till Monday to get it.


Angela said...

You are the first person (except Steve, who wished me happy bithday at 3am as he left for work) to wish me Happy Birthday! THANKS!
I do not feel old yet. Like you said, I look younger then I am and most days I hear "are they ALL yours?" "You're the Mom?" "really??!" It makes you feel young.
I don't have any plans for today that i know about. Steve's training is early to anytime lat in the evening, so if he gets home early maybe we'll do something. Maybe not and I'll be cooking my own birthday dinner. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rachel!

I found your blog through Christine's! I was so glad to find it! It's weird how you realize all the people that you've lost contact with over the years. These blogs are great for keeping up with people. I would like to start one after I get married. Yes, I'm getting married in 24 days on October 21! I'm glad you're doing well. I'll be checking your blog regularly!