20 February 2007

NYC Trip

I thought I ought to comment on my trip to NYC for those of you who are not reading this on Facebook. I already said lots about it there, but I realize that not everybody has access to that.

I loved NYC. I had been there once before, but that time we just followed my cousin Dallas (who lives there) around. This time, we got his advice, but we (my brother, my sister, and my sister's friend) did all the navigating ourselves. It was so much fun. I love cities, and NYC is an awesome one. We saw lots of sights, ate great authentic NYC food, and "shopped" on Fifth Avenue. (We didn't buy anything--sticker shock!)

And, of course, for the main event, we saw Les Miserables. It was wonderful. I love the story and the music, but I had never seen it on stage. It was just like I'd imagined.

So that's the highlights. I want to go back! But, alas, time and money do not allow. Someday . . . .

1 comment:

Sarah Corbin said...

What a fun time! I know what you mean about the sticker shock =)
Glad you got to see Les Miserables for real!