13 April 2007

A Closed Door Opening?

As you may or may not remember, I had applied to the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL) in Dallas, TX, last fall, and my application was rejected because my undergrad degree from Northland is not regionally accredited. (It is accredited, just not regionally.) I've been looking into and working on applying to several other schools since then.

A few weeks ago, Dad talked to the guy in charge of Bibles International (BI), the Bible translation wing of Baptist Mid-Missions, and asked him for some suggestions as to where I should go for Linguistics training. He advised against some of the schools I was considering, for various reasons, and recommended several more. That left me back at square one with too many options!

Mom suggested I email Dr. Connie Champeon, also from BI, and ask her for suggestions because she is currently in the field I am interested in going into. She emailed me back and said that a Bob Jones University student had also been turned away from GIAL due to accreditation. (BJU has the same accreditation Northland does.) BJU is in the process of appealing that decision. So, if GIAL decides to allow that student to attend, I should also be able to resubmit my application. I may end up in Dallas yet! Please pray with me for God's will in this matter. I'd really like to know where I'm going in the fall!

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