26 April 2007

Hair Cuts

Sadly, the long curly hair is gone. My perm from two years ago had grown out to the point that it was getting unmanageable, and I didn't think I'd be able to achieve the right effect by getting another perm over top of it. So, I had it all chopped off. The interesting thing is the way people comment about my new 'do. I don't mind the new look, but I liked the old one so much better. Basically, this hairstyle is just an in-between stage to facilitate growing it back out to long and curly. So, I'm not really sure how to respond to people that say, "Oh, I love your haircut. It looks so much better than before!" I know they're just trying to be complimentary, but still, I thought I looked better before. Oh well.

And then there's the question of whether it makes me look older or younger. One of the doctors where I work said, "It makes you look like a grown-up young lady!" (I don't think she knows how old I really am!) But, somebody else told me it made me look five years younger. (Wait, is that five years younger than my real age or five years younger than I used to look. In that case, I now look like I'm 12 again?) Make up your mind!

Kerith was inspired by my cut to get hers chopped, too. Hers, of course, looks highly sophisticated on her. And it definitely makes her look older. (As if she needed help looking older than her age!) So now she looks five years older than I do! And, all she has to do with hers is wash and wear! So not fair!

All that to say, "Here's a picture of our new haircuts!"


Anonymous said...

Very cute style on both of you. I am actually having the same sort of dilema....being in the in between stage. :-) JJB

Anonymous said...

Ah, the in between stage. Yuck! I was growing mine out and then got tired of it and now it is short. I am now again growing it out for Anthony's wedding. We'll see. I hate growing out my hair. It takes forever.
I like both your cuts. It think yours is cute and I did like it long and curly as well. This cut is more mature on your. Although we're still young enough (looking LOL) to pull of long hair.