01 May 2008

A Wrap on Galatians

My church has been going through Galatians on Sunday mornings for about 9 months. It's been pretty amazing. Since we're almost done, last Sunday they had a really neat service to celebrate all that God has done in people's lives these last months. They interspersed lots of worship music with video clips from various Galatians sermons as well as testimonies of what God has taught people through the messages. It was really great to be reminded of all that God has done.

Then, in community group, we read through the whole book from start to finish and then basically shared what God had done in our lives through Galatians. We had some new people in the group, but it was so neat to see how we've all been learning and growing these last few months. I've learned so much, and it was so neat to share and hear others share about what God has done.

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