20 February 2013

Why I WILL be Celebrating Valentine's

Let me first state that I love holidays. All kinds of holidays. And I love traditions. I'm a "We always do that on such-and-such day" kind of girl!

And I give you fair warning: this is a bit of a rant. After reading one too many status updates and blog posts against Valentine's Day, I need to vent my opinion. What follows is just that: my opinion. If you disagree, I'm not trying to start an argument. That's why I didn't comment on said status updates and blog posts! But here, on my own blog, I'll state my case for celebrating the holiday!

I've read lots of anti-Valentine's day arguments. My main problem is that people don't apply these arguments to other holidays throughout the year. Why single out Valentine's Day?

For instance, people complain that Valentine's Day is commercialized. That they feel like the card and flower companies are pressuring people into buying stuff. But Christmas is even more commercialized! And very few of the people complaining about Valentine's refuse to celebrate Christmas! They may celebrate in a way that doesn't feed the commercialization, but you don't hear them making comments like, "I hate Christmas!"

Others say "We don't celebrate Valentine's because we don't need a special day to celebrate our love. We love each other every day." But do these same people also say, "We don't celebrate Thanksgiving because we don't need a special day to give thanks to God. We're thankful every day." What about Easter? Aren't you supposed to remember the resurrection every day? Why celebrate it on one day? The point of a holiday is a special day to commemorate something! It doesn't mean you can't remember that event on other days of the year, but rather that you give special focus to it on that day.

I've also heard, "Valentine's Day is only for those in a relationship, so it's insensitive to singles to celebrate it." I would agree that it is insensitive to rub it in their faces, but I don't think you need to limit your holiday celebrations to only those which every person you know celebrates! Is it insensitive to women who can't have children to celebrate Mother's Day? Personally, I was single until the age of 30, and I never begrudged married people their celebration. Was I sometimes sad on that day? Sometimes. Okay, often! But it didn't mean I wanted the day cancelled or that I felt those celebrating it were insensitive. Plus, February 15th was a great day to stock up on half-priced chocolates!

Another argument I've read is, "I appreciate it more when my spouse brings me flowers 'just because,' not to fulfill a holiday requirement." I agree that surprise gifts are fun ways to show your spouse you care, but I think that anticipation of a special day is fun, too! As a kid, was it fun to get gifts on random days of the year? Yes. But looking forward to your birthday or Christmas morning made it special. How about doing things for each other "just because" and also celebrating Valentine's together!

And don't call Valentine's Day a "made up holiday." The greeting card companies didn't create it! It was a Saint Day, celebrated by the Catholic church as far back as the 15th century. It's been celebrated longer than our American Independence Day, which is pretty new as far as holidays go! But nobody calls the Fourth "made up"!

So there are my arguments. I don't expect I've changed anyone's mind, but I couldn't keep quiet any longer. I love Valentine's Day (especially now that I have someone to share it with) and I'm not afraid to say it!


TOR said...

THANK YOU! I couldn't agree more.

Meg said...

I agree, too!<3