13 July 2006

Bibles International

Tonight was the closing service for Baptist Mid-Missions' annual conference. (My dad is director of communications at BMM.) Attending the conference were all missionaries currently in the country, plus all administrative staff. I was unable to go to any other services because of work, but my family members volunteered in various capacities. Tonight was a good one for me to go to because it was featuring the ministry of Bibles International, the Bible translation branch of BMM. I am currently waiting on the Lord's leading to take me into the field of Bible translation, specifically in the linguistics and literacy area. It was neat to see people I know from that organization, including some that were my teachers in college. It also brought tears to my eyes to hear stories of people who finally received God's Word in their own language. With two-thirds of the world's over 6,000 languages not having any Scripture verses at all, translation work is greatly needed. Praise God that He is working to bring His Word to people around the world.


a mother of six said...

I'm always really moved when I hear of a national believer reading Scripture for the first time in his own language and exclaiming something like, "Now I know that God speaks Mizo!"

Kerry Corbett said...

Yeah, linguistics! I have loved delving into it for the first time ever this summer. It is an overwhelming feeling to think of being a part of getting God's Word into the hands of people who don't have it or can't read it. How are your plans for future studies coming along? You could always come to SIL . . . :-) Love ya!

Kerith said...

Hey! Where ya been? oh that's right, work :)We miss you :)