01 July 2006

Hello and Welcome

Well, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I had looked at blogs as kind of a fad, but now my little sister has one, so I decided it wasn't a fad anymore! I need to be up and hip!

Besides, I never have any time to talk to anyone anymore. (Those words look really weird together!) I get home from work at midnight each night and most of my friends wouldn't appreciate a chatty phone call at that time of night! So, I need a way to communicate with people on my time schedule. Here it is! I don't have a very exciting life, but every once in a while I have an original thought that I'd like to share. And, if you'd like to share back, I'd like to hear from you!

There's my intro. More to follow!


CĂ©line said...


Sounds like fun. I, too, am so busy that I lose touch with everyone. Makes me feel like a "bummer" friend. Am looking forward to learning more about your adventures.

I know you are a manager for McD's. I know that you work in a doctor's office. Are they both in Brunswick?


Madame (Mrs. Wallace) Larson

Pitchford said...

Hey, what's up, Redhead? Good luck blogging -- it can be a cruel taskmaster, and tends to elicit much asininity, but I suppose it can be a profitable endeavor overall. Or at least I keep telling myself that, in order to appease the condemnatory "wasted-time" gremlins that run rampant in my psyche.

At any rate, the following question is the basic point of my asinine comment (and thus I am vindicated in my warning of what your blogging was likely to elicit): "Asia? Definitely!"? Tell me more. We're hoping to go to Central Asia sometime next year to tell people about Jesus and maybe get our heads lopped off. Where are you hoping to go, what are you hoping to do, etc.?

Pursuing Christ,

Nathan and Nicole

Rachel said...

In answer to the above questions:

No, the doctor's office is in Middleburg Heights.

As to Asia, I'm looking more toward SE Asia (Northern Thailand, India, etc.) and I'm interested in the field of linguistics. I'd like to be a part of a literacy work that enables people to learn to read so that they can read the Bible.

Anonymous said...

Cool that you're doing some blogging. The big news from us is that Tracy is pregnant again. She's due January 10th.

Otherwise, we now go to New City Fellowship (PCA) and both work this summer. I'm entering nursing school in the fall and may become an anesthesiologist nurse. We'll see!

Looking forward to reading your blog in the future!

Rachel said...

Congratulations! I don't think I ever heard what name you decided on for your first child?

Why the church change? All my friends are becoming Presbyterian!

Did you ever end up at Covenant? I have another friend whose husband goes there.

Keep in touch!