02 July 2006

Scary Moment

On Thursday of this past week, I had an interesting experience. I got rear-ended coming off the interstate. I was easing forward to merge onto the main road, and the lady behind me ran right into me. There was a pretty horrible-sounding crunch, but there was no visible damage. I wasn't hurt, either, except that the garage-door opener flew off the visor and hit me in the head! We exchanged insurance information, and the cop that came to the scene didn't write up an accident report. So, overall, it was a pretty slight incident. But, it shook me up a bit.


Rachel B. said...

Car accidents are not cool. Been there, done that, as I'm sure you've heard many times over before. At least no damage was done. (Came out luckier than me). Glad you're ok.

a mother of six said...


I know this blog is for your friends, but it will let us know what's happening in your life also. We're all kind of on different schedules! We love you!