04 August 2006

Too Hot for Ya?

Okay, so it's been hot in the midwest this week. Everyone and his cousin Suzy has seen fit to declare that fact on his blog it seems. So, I didn't want to be left out. I shall join the crowd and declare that it was hot this week. Our highest day showed temperatures of about 95 degrees. However, the heat index (which is kind of the opposite of the windchill factor) was something like 105. In this weather, even I, the most thin-blooded person around, start to feel hot. I say "start to feel" because it'd have to get about 10 degrees warmer before I'd consider it really hot. I know, I'm weird. Chalk it up to God's preparing me for Asia! If I had my way, we wouldn't be running air conditioning anywhere--home, work, or church. I actually take a sweatshirt with me to work to keep warm in the air conditioning! Again, that all perfectly fits in with SE Asian temperatures!


pamela s said...

Hi Rachel,
Glad to cross paths again! Looks like you're doing well. Geoff & I are hanging in there getting ready for the last year of seminary. I'll be checking in!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
It's been very hot here lately too in AR! Today's high was 100...I did not dare outside at lunch, but I'm sure it reached it. When I was going to work this morning around 8am, it was already 89 degrees! Insane is what I call it. Please continue to pray for gma heyworth as well as my Dad and his health.
In Him,
Jessica Borling

pamela s said...

You're more than welcome to add me to your links. :)