25 October 2006


Yesterday morning I had to scrape an inch of snow off my car before I could go to work.

(The preceding sentence should be understood to be hyperbole. The snow was neither an inch thick, nor did I actually have to scrape--a gentle brushing did the job. However, the hyperbolic references should be taken as indicative of my attitude towards the snow!)

In my opinion it is much too early for snow. Actually, I've a better idea: since fall is apparently now over, let's just skip this whole winter thing and head straight to spring! Any takers? Please, God, let this be my last winter in Cleveland!


Anthony F. said...

I agree 100% with that. Snow this time of year is absolutely wrong. I like snow on Christmas Day. That's it. OK, Christmas Eve too, but otherwise, I am fine without it.

Angela said...

snow? I don't think I will be seeing snow anytime soon. It was 85 today. You can come and visit us anytime you feel like escaping the snow.
It doesn't feel like fall to me. The kids wore shorts today. It's bizarre. This has been the longest July ever! LOL!

TOR said...

Pretty soon, we're gonna be sled riding on Labor Day!!!

Anonymous said...

No! You have to have snow in the winter! I love winter!