12 November 2006

A Note from the Grammar Police

I just saw a sign that said: "Thank You Veteran's." Argh! Plurals do not get apostrophes, people! Only possessives get them! The really sad thing was that this message was on the sign board for our local elementary school! What are they teaching kids there, I wonder? I guess that explains the sorry state of grammar usage in our country today. If the schools don't get it right, who will?

Okay, I'm done. Thus ends my little rant. I know most of you are about to fall asleep right now because you simply don't care. But a few out there will sympathize with my feeling of horror at seeing this bit of mangled punctuation.


TOR said...

I totally agree! It's so frustrating. I'll be reading the newspaper and be like, "Ok, who is their editor???"

Curt and Sarah said...

Maybe they just misplaced the comma that they meant to put between "you" and "veterans". Then again, maybe not. Sigh.