17 November 2006

Potpourri from the Week

Some things that have been happening: (Wasn't that a completely non-colorful verb?)

On Sunday at our College and Career fellowship, Rachel B. and I beat Zak and Anthony in four straight games of pool. We were very proud of ourselves. (They did help us by scratching, but we were winning at the time!) I think my pool-playing, through no fault of my own, has actually improved since that time in college when LoBe beat three of us (Christine, Pitchford, and me) who were teamed against him even though we cheated blatantly! These games were much better played. Or maybe our opponents weren't as good this time!

Last week's most exciting event was my getting stranded on the side of the highway fifty feet from my exit! The traffic was backed up a mile and a half, and after creeping along, stop and go, for 20 minutes, my car got tired and quit. Thankfully, I was able to restart it long enough to get to the shoulder. Also thankfully, I was able to call Dad who came and got me! I really need a new car, though!

Tuesday, my baby brother turned 13. Now there are four teenagers in my house! I can't believe these kids are so old and grown up. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was spending all my time babysitting toddlers! I'm glad the Lord has allowed me to be at home these last few years to get to share in my brothers and sisters' lives and get to know them as people, not little kids.

And, last but definitely not least, the countdown to The Game stands at 39 hours and 4 minutes! Go Buckeyes!


Pitchford said...

Oh, sure -- drag my heretofore illustrious name through the mud because of your own gaming incompetencies! I recall no such event as this mythological pool trouncing. And it's even worse that you would disgrace my rule-neglectfulness with such atrocious adjectives as "blatant" -- my cheating is always subtle!

Ok, there may be some slight fragment of truth underlying this mythic monstrosity, but I'd feel better about it if you would allow me to blame you and Christine.

Never mind. My pool-playing still s..ks, and it probably always will (do you like how I censor my own profanities now?).

Rachel said...

The censoring is much appreciated!

Are you guys ready to head to Asia?

Will you have internet there?

Pitchford said...

Yes, we'll be heading out January 12th (Lord willing). I assume we'll have internet there. I'm planning on it, at any rate.