02 January 2007

My Weekend

I just returned yesterday night from a quick trip to Minnesota to attend my friend from college Christine's wedding. It was a beautiful, very non-traditional, but Christ-honoring wedding. I'll have some pictures soon. Then I got to spend the night with my other friend from college Kerry. She and Christine were roommates (up until Saturday!), so I took Christine's spot for Saturday night. We talked till nearly 3:00am!

My car did really well on the trip. It gets amazing gas mileage and can just go forever on one tank. I drove the whole 13 hours there on Friday and the 13 hours back on Sunday, even though I took Ruth Peal from church along with me. (She wanted to visit her family, and Dad and Mom didn't want me to drive alone.) I suppose she could have driven, but I didn't want to share my new car! So, I was pretty tired when I got home!

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TOR said...

Glad you got back safe! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night.