02 June 2007

Go Cleveland! Beat Detroit!

Our college group's leader is from Detroit and is an avid sports fan, so of course we all had to go to a Indians/Tigers game at Jacob's Field last night. (We invited the youth group, too.) And what a game! In the top of the 9th, one of the guys turned to me and said, "This is a good game." I answered, "It'll be a good game if we win!" It was definitely not one of those games where all the runs come in the first two innings. It went right down to the last out! But Cleveland battled it out to win 12-11. We had so much fun! I love it when you're surrounded by 41,000+ screaming fans and you're on your feet yelling and clapping. Now, if the Cavs can win tonight, it'll be a Cleveland weekend! Hey Detroit! Too bad, so sad!


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