22 August 2007

Update on My Life

Hmm. I guess it's been a while since I posted anything. Okay, so it's been over two months since I posted anything. It's been a busy two months. I've been working to figure out which Grad school to go to. The one I wanted to go to (and which was recommended by Bibles International staff for the area of Bible translation I want to go into) will not accept TRACS accreditation. Everyone (including TRACS) is baffled by this refusal. Lots of appeals are going on, but it will all be too late to help me. So, instead I am looking at the University of South Carolina in Columbia for a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics.

However, the cost of the program will be greatly reduced if I become a resident of South Carolina. This requires that I live there for a year and/or have a full-time job in the state. So I am in the process of moving to South Carolina. In fact, I'm moving tomorrow! (It works out well this way because my brother Zak is starting college at Bob Jones University, so I can caravan down with the rest of my family.) I'm going to live for a while in Greenville because a friend of the family offered me a really good deal on an apartment, but eventually, I will be moving to Columbia. Please pray that I'll find a temporary (full-time) job in Greenville and that all the steps of my application process will go smoothly. I'll write next from South Carolina.

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