27 August 2007

What a Day!

Today, I started by hanging pictures in my new apartment, balancing my checkbook, and unpacking more boxes. So far, so good. Then I headed out to buy groceries and ran into trouble. I was trying to get money at the bank to buy them with (Aldi's won't take credit cards or checks.) when I totally blanked and forgot my PIN. So, the machine ate my card. I went in to ask for it back and the girl said she had to ask her supervisor who was at lunch. I came back an hour later to be told that they couldn't give me my card because it was from another bank. They have to destroy it, and my bank (in Ohio) has to give me a new one. I called my bank, and they said that'd take seven to ten days. By then, I plan to have opened a new account down here and closed my account in Ohio. So, in the meantime I'm stuck without a debit card. Thankfully I still have checks and a credit card. But, back to Aldi's. They were holding my groceries for me while I tried to get cash. Yes, I'd already shopped because I was planning to use my debit card in Aldi's. But, I couldn't do that without a PIN. So, I had to go back to Aldi's and tell them to put the food back. Then I called Jared, and he let me write him a check in exchange for cash which I took to another Aldi's and finally got my food. Added to that mess is that Greenville streets are not straight, so when you think you're parallel to some other street, you're not. And, the streets randomly change names all the time. I keep getting lost. Whew! Hopefully, the rest of my tasks for the week won't be this stressful!

Next on the agenda is transferring my license and registration to SC. And of course, still job hunting. Jared is getting me the contact info for a new Chick-Fa-Lay that's just opened here. They are hiring and advertising on campus. That would be nice because of their no Sundays policy. We shall see.

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