30 September 2007

Sovereign Grace Church

Although I liked the SBC church I discribed in the previous post, I felt like it was missing something. So, I kept looking, and I'm glad I did!

I have visited Sovereign Grace Church the last two Sundays. I really like it. The preaching is good and theologically solid. (It's not just a quick 20 minute devotional either!) The people are really, really friendly. I had so many people (of all ages) introduce themselves to me. And the music is great. It's contemporary, but it doesn't consist of singing "I love you Jesus" over and over and over. The songs are heavy with doctrine while still being singable. They mix in great old hymns, too. The church is about four years old and is affiliated with Sovereign Grace Ministries. Right now they meet in a conference room at the Marriott hotel. I think they have some land and are looking to build when they have the money.

There is a good singles group that meets Friday nights. I wasn't able to go last week due to work, but I'll be trying it out this week. The whole church is broken down into Care Groups that meet throughout the week. In the Sunday sermon, the pastor gives discussion questions for the groups to work through when they meet. It's a good way for a larger group of people (about 200 I'd estimate) to fellowship.

As I said, the people are very friendly. Today, one of the families just invited me out to eat lunch with them. There are lots of kids and babies and lots of homeschooling families. There is a joy and love for each other that really shows among the people.

I can't say for sure that I've found my church home in Greenville, but I now have a definite possibility!

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Angela said...

It's been quite a while since I've heard anything from you. I'm glad your doing well down there. Chik-fil-A is my all time favorite fast food place hands down. Get me some coupons. ;)

We had such a hard time finding a church. There were SO many and the culture is so different, plus most of them are big. We go to a fairly large church, which was different for us, but we love it.