10 September 2007


I've been working at Chick-fil-A now for almost two weeks. It's going well. I don't think I could do it forever, but it's definitely a good temporary job.

Yesterday I visited a big (1000 people +) Southern Baptist church. I liked it. They have a singles group that meets Sunday nights. I'm definitely on of the youngest in that group. That's a change! The Sunday School classes are divided by age, so there's one for 20-somethings. I'd like to visit that next week. It was a good sermon in the morning service. I'd like to see what the more contemporary service is like, since the pastor preaches the same sermon at both. (I was worried that the more contemporary service would have drama in place of a sermon or something!) I haven't joined or anything, but I'd definitely like to visit again. In a way, since I'm only going to be around for a little while, it'd be easier to be in a bigger church, rather than a small one. In a small one, I'd want to get involved in everything and then I'd feel bad about leaving! I still have plenty of other churches to visit before I make my decision, though! Greenville is bursting to overflowing with churches, most of them Baptist. Please pray that I make the right decision and end up where God wants me.

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Madame said...

So... that was Sept. 10th. This is Sept. 30th.

Did you find a church and a S.S. class that you enjoy?

Where are you working now?