18 November 2007


Zak and I managed to surprise Jared for his 25th birthday. It took some work. I wanted to invite all the college kids from our church that are at BJ. I figured I'd talk to April (the only girl) because I assumed that a girl would do a better job of getting the news out! Then I had to find a place to have it because BJ students are only allowed to go to faculty/staff houses off campus. I talked to the Rosses (family friends) and they said that since their daughter was faculty (at the Academy) we were allowed to have it at their house if she was there. So I thought we were all set. I told Jared that we were invited to the Rosses' house for dinner. That didn't surprise him because they had been trying to get us to come over all semester.

The party was set for Friday night. However, on Thursday, I got some bad news. April (not realizing that I'd contacted her because of her superior ability to follow through) had entrusted the job of contacting everyone about the party to Mark Hudson. And he hadn't. So, no one knew about the party until the day before and consequently already had plans. April and I decided to postpone to the next week. Unfortunately, April herself wasn't able to come, but all the guys assured her they'd be there.

That presented somewhat of a problem, though, because the Rosses went ahead and invited us over for supper that Friday anyway. That meant I'd lost my reason for having us go over there the next week. So, I made sure Jared was free and asked him if he and Zak wanted to just hang out for the evening. But, I had borrowed something from the Rosses', so I told Jared I needed to stop and drop it off. When he walked into the house with the box, everyone jumped out and yelled, "Surprise!" We got him!

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