18 November 2007

Update on the Church Hunt

I've been attending Southside Fellowship for the last four weeks. I really like it. The preaching is outstanding. Charlie Boyd is the pastor and he is good. Right now he is preaching through Galatians, and they are in chapter 3. Today's sermon was about how Christ took our place before God. God treated Him as we deserved so that we could be treated as Christ deserved. A great reminder.

I really like the focus of the church, too. They preach grace and they live it. And, they have great music. Not the same stuff over and over, but a wide variety including old hymns and stuff written by the music pastor, played with a wide variety of instruments. Also, they don't do "Special Music," they include everyone so that it's not spectator worship but corporate.

The only drawback I've seen so far is that there's no 20-somethings group. I've visited the singles group, but it's all 30+. They make me feel welcome, but they're really in a different season of life from me. However, today I went to an introductory Sunday School class designed as a first step for those interested in the church. And one of the ladies of the church was talking about how she and her husband felt like God was leading them to start a class for those in their 20's. So, it sounds like that may be available soon!

So, I'm interested and waiting to see if this is where God wants me.

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Madame said...

Did you make it "home" for Thanksgiving?

Did the 20's something class start?

Where are you working now?