09 December 2008

A Few of my Favorite Things (about Dan)

I was just thinking today about how blessed I am by God to have Dan Sims as a boyfriend. I thought I'd just list a few reasons why. Here's my top 20. This list is by no means comprehensive, and it is not arranged in order of importance, merely in the order of which I thought of them!

1. His heart belongs to God, and I can daily see the Holy Spirit's working in his life as He molds Dan into the image of Christ.

2. He loves me!

3. He cares about how I feel and listens when I talk.

4. He is compassionate toward the people around him and their needs. He stops in the grocery store to ask the check-out person how his or her day is going.

5. He's tall! Even when I wear heels, he's still taller than I am.

6. He doesn't get easily angry or upset at me (or anyone else) even when I (or others) am upset with him.

7. He helps me when I get upset by listening to me and then helping me to get my focus back on Christ and realize that what I'm upset about isn't so upsetting.

8. He's really cute!

9. He's earned the respect of my friends and family.

10. He is a servant, always ready to help anyone that needs it.

11. He's serious about life and the things of the Lord, but he knows how to have fun, too!

12. He doesn't demand his rights or refuse to let people push him around, realizing that people are more important than things.

13. He is good at math and keeping track of finances. He doesn't overspend.

14. He is willing to admit when he is wrong.

15. He asks for directions.

16. He knows a lot about computers.

17. He pays attention to politics and world events.

18. He constantly reminds me that God is in control of all things.

19. He drives a Honda!

20. And finally, he is trustworthy, and I know I am safe with him.

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miller10408 said...

This is really sweet! What a thoughtful idea, and I'm sure you'll enjoy reminiscing about it in the future, as well. =)