12 October 2012

Candy is NOT Meant to be Decorative!

 Every year about this time, I pull out all my fall decorations. These include a pumpkin shaped candy jar that we got as a wedding gift. It looks so sad and forlorn sitting there empty, so every year I go out and buy a bag or two of candy to fill it--purely for decorative purposes. And every year, I am reminded of why I don't keep candy in my house: I have no willpower! This year, since I'm home all day, every day, it's even worse. So far we have been through two bags of mini Reese's Cups and a bag of Hershey's miniatures, with the majority of those having been eaten by me. (I have the same problem with other desserts, such as the cake I made from the apples we got on our trip to Sky Top. Guess who ate most of that?) So now the candy is gone again, and this time, the jar will sit empty until the fall decorations are packed away. Unless I start feeling all Martha Stewartish and decide to fill it with gold spangled acorns and hand-painted pinecones. Naw! I think it will just stay empty!

1 comment:

Meg said...

silk leaves? a candle? gourds from Aldi (now, those won't be tempting!)